Eco-Friendly Packaging


We use Biotrē Film which is composed of 60% (by weight) biodegradable materials made from renewable resources such as wood pulp. We know it is not the perfect solution but it is the best solution we have found so far. Some compostable materials need an industrial composter, but our bags can be simply composted in your backyard:



We use a reusable tote system for our local wholesale customers.

These totes are lined with a simple paper bag that can be recycled or composted. We drop off full totes of coffee and pick up the empties – nice and simple. We figure that we have diverted over three tons of non-recyclable plastic bags from going into landfills so far.

Greener Deliveries

We work closely with our customers to keep on a delivery schedule reducing unnecessary trips. Our newest purchase is a Prius V for deliveries; this is cutting our annual fuel consumption from 5,000 liters of gas down to about 1,800 liters.


Other Initiatives

We are starting to work with local farmers to reuse our burlap bags and compost our chaff and coffee grinds.

If you have any ideas to help us become greener please let us know!


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