Flavourful Beans

There comes a time in the journey of a coffee connoisseur when he/she becomes interested in the terminology used to describe the magic they're tasting.

Acidity: Contrary to popular belief, acidity in coffee does not necessarily refer to its pH level. Acidity refers to the bright, dry flavours that coffee-drinkers experience.

Body: A result of the coffee's fat content, body refers to the weight of the coffee on the tongue. Medium to darker coffees will generally have a heavier body.

Aroma/flavour: Aroma is the part of a coffee's overall flavour that is perceived through means other than the tongue.

Flavours we carry

This list will give you an idea of what you can expect from our coffees. We don't always have all of these in stock because of a number of factors including harvesting period – even coffee is best consumed in season.



Brazilian coffees tend to be lower in acidity with a sweet taste and a nutty aroma, and are grown at relatively low altitudes, resulting in a softer bean. Due to the softness of the beans, they make a very nice medium roast. Espresso blends can gain a lot from the addition of a good Brazilian coffee. Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer making up 25% of the world's supply. Harvesting period: March-April


Colombian coffees are heavy in body, rich in flavour and bright in acidity. They are grown in the moist foothills of the Andes, and are highly aromatic and mild. Harvesting period: October-February and April-June


Peruvian coffees are grown very high in the Andes Mountains. This exceptional altitude creates a lively coffee with gentle sweetness, mild acidity and a nice light-medium body. Harvesting period: November-March

Costa Rica

Costa Rican coffees are characterized by their bright citrus and smoother chocolate aromas, and their distinctly sweet and mellow flavour. The majority of Costa Rican coffee comes from an Arabica hybrid coffee bean called caturra. Harvesting period: August-November (Atlantic coast) and September-December (Pacific coast)


Despite its wide variety, Guatemalan coffee is overall characterized as full-bodied with crisp but variable acidities. The coffee beans produced in Guatemala are firm and hard, and make for very nice medium-dark roasted coffees. Harvesting period: October-January


Mexican coffee beans are typically light bodied and nutty, but can have a heavier body, brighter acidity, and overtones of chocolate. Due to its generally simple and mild characteristics, Mexican coffee is often used as a base for blends. Harvesting period: November-January (high altitude) and August-November (low altitude)


Rich and distinctly aromatic, Ethiopian coffees range from strong, dry-edged flavours to powerful aromas of blueberries or blackberries. They can also have wine to fruit-like acidity and a heavy body. Good Ethiopian coffees can be used to capture the fine aromatics in the crema of espresso, and for that reason are often used in espresso blends. Harvesting period: August-January


Sumatran coffees are known for their distinctive earthy and spicy taste and heavy body. Being so complex and yet smooth, they make a great and flavourful medium-dark roast coffee. Aged Sumatran green coffee beans are sought after for their enhanced earthy and spicy aromas. Harvesting time: October-March

Papua New Guinea

Coffees from Papua New Guinea are sweet, floral, clean and full-bodied. As a dark roast they contain pleasant tobacco-like aromas and a sweet finish. Originally, the coffee seedlings planted in Papua New Guinea were from the Jamaican Blue Mountains. Harvesting period: May-August


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