As a parent of three (almost fully grown) children, co-owner of Green Bean, Derryl, has done his share of fundraising! If you have been involved in fundraising you know first-hand that its success depends on the commitment that you put into it. The bigger the commitment, the bigger the rewards.

Although your kids are not at the age to fully understand the delight of a great cup of coffee, we know that most parents depend greatly on this morning magic to get going. Kids love selling chocolate bars but as an adult it is hard to commit to.

Our fundraisers are simple to start and execute. There are no minimums required or money to be paid up front. We provide you with the order forms and you go out and sell. All money you collect is paid to you. You pay the wholesale price and we let you choose your own retail price to fit your needs. We have had fundraising groups set a wide range of pricing and each one had been very successful in reaching their goals.

We do not roast any coffee until we have the orders. Once we receive the order we roast, pack and deliver it to you. Usually this happens within 7 - 10 days. We will sort and pack coffee to match each order form. You'll know this is a big deal if you have gone through the sorting process. We take that headache away from you. Finally, we invoice you for the orders and deliver.


For fundraising Information please contact; 

Derryl or Alix 

Office: 204.738.2180
Cell: 204.485.2640
Fax: 204.738.2179

Box 319
Clandeboye, MB R0C 0P0

For every $100 you want to raise...

Typical chocolate bar fundraiser: you need to sell 100 bars

Green Bean coffee fundraiser: you need to sell 20 bags of coffee


Teaching children about social justice and environmental issues

There's also a teaching benefit to our fundraiser. In doing the Green Bean fundraiser, children will actually be better sales people for the coffee if they are aware of the social justice and environmental issues relating coffee.


Derryl’s view

The Kindness of Strangers (originally posted to our FB page)

This is a great story about the kindness of strangers; As you all know we have been excitedly awaiting our container of coffee. Our plan was for the truck driver to spot the container in front of our garage and we ...

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Alix’s view

Trip to Bolivia and a really great link explaining everything!

This blog has been severely neglected, but I am working on my blogging fear. So many positive things have been happening at Green Bean. My Dad is great at posting things to Facebook, so if you are interested in our little ...

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