Coffee farms are typically situated on very fragile hillsides in tropical rain forests. These eco-systems, sometimes called "the lungs of the planet", are a delicate arrangement of thousands of species. Organic farming is sensitive to this and works with the natural order of things, not against it.


We can find flaws in the Organic classification system. But ultimately, it is our responsibility as consumers to try and make the best informed choices. We are working to make that process easier for you by being open and transparent about who we buy from, what they bring to us and what we bring to them.


Derryl’s view

The Kindness of Strangers (originally posted to our FB page)

This is a great story about the kindness of strangers; As you all know we have been excitedly awaiting our container of coffee. Our plan was for the truck driver to spot the container in front of our garage and we ...

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Alix’s view

Trip to Bolivia and a really great link explaining everything!

This blog has been severely neglected, but I am working on my blogging fear. So many positive things have been happening at Green Bean. My Dad is great at posting things to Facebook, so if you are interested in our little ...

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