You can buy the best coffee in the world, but it's up to you – the coffee lover – to brew it to its potential.


Coffee is placed into biodegradable bags with a one way degassing valves. This prevents the coffee from becoming stale. After opening the bag, reseal it or put it in an airtight container and store in a dark dry place.


Coffee should always be ground directly before brewing.

Grinder types

Blade grinders are inexpensive and easy to find in stores but they don't actually grind coffee. They chop and cut the beans into different sizes, making it impossible to be consistent. The excellent coffee you buy will never reach its full potential.

Burr grinders cost more money but are extremely accurate. By adjusting the grind you create space between two metal burrs; this crushes the coffee beans instead of chopping. Oils are released from the beans creating a more flavourful cup of coffee.

Hand Grinders work the same way as a burr grinder. They are slower but completely quiet which makes other people appreciate them in the morning. Hand grinders are small, portable and easy to use, perfect when making coffee for 1- 2 people.

Grind size

French press - Medium to coarse grind

Drip Coffee – Medium grind

Aeropress – Fine to medium grind



It is important to have clean water with no color, odour or chlorine.

General ratios:

Imperial: 4tbs coffee / 12 oz water
Metric: 21g coffee / 355 ml of water

Boil water then let sit for 30 seconds.

Ideal temperature to brew at is 200°F or 94°C

Brew Times

French press: 4-5 minutes
Drip Coffee Machine: Automatic
Siphon / Vac Pot: 4-5 minutes
Aeropress: 2 minutes


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