August 25, 2020

14 Camel Coats (and Jackets) to Ensure You Have a Super-Stylish Fall

By Arjun Kapoor

It seems about everybody can agree that camel-colored topcoats are a good style move. Whatever your gender, age, or style, it’s the one coat that transcends all fashion boundaries. And that’s a good thing. We need more of that! It’s stylish, functional, and inclusive. What’s not to love?

But don’t be afraid to think beyond the topcoat, either. Although we highly recommend having at least one on hand, the camel color has since been brought to every kind of coat, jacket, and generalized piece of outerwear you could imagine. It’s on fleece-lined zip-ups, trucker jackets, and trenches. Really, the more the merrier. So start your shopping now. These are the 14 best camel coats to shop right now.

H&M Padded Jacket


This kind of looks like something a dad who sincerely wears Asics to the grocery store might wear, and that’s exactly why it’s great. Dad style is good! It often includes muted colors and fabrics that are comfortable.

Abercrombie & Fitch Corduroy Trucker Jacket


Leaning into the camel color is great because it’s still a neutral, but it feels pretty bold when on something unexpected. A trucker jacket, for example. Instead of black or blue denim, this camel corduroy offers up a tasteful amount of ’70s feel.

Everlane Filled Canvas Jacket


Everlane: The best place to shop for no-brainer buys. Like this $98 canvas jacket, for example, which is simple, well-made, and a perfect layering piece. It’s also the perfect weight to keep around for varying fall weather.

ASOS Design Trench Coat


A trench coat keeps you protected in the rain without mucking up your outfit. Plus, ASOS Design always has the perfect price point: $111 is not bad for a jacket you’ll rely on.


Universal Works Baker Linen and Cotton-Blend Canvas Jacket


OK, so jackets are great, but you don’t always need one that keeps you warm. Sometimes you need one that acts more like a part of your outfit. This linen and cotton blend is light and airy and looks good over T-shirts.

Cole Haan Italian Wool Blend Overcoat


If you’re wearing a suit every day (or, at least something business casual-adjacent), then you need a coat that can pair well with it. Cole Haan’s overcoat is streamlined, but roomy enough to layer up.

Loveless Single-Breasted Coat


Designers have gotten really into camel coats recently, which means we get to reap the benefits of their work. A longer length, single-breasted coat is timeless, so you can wear it for seasons to come.


Sandro Paris Apollo Coat


If you’re looking for an investment, Sandro’s camel coat is the perfect fit, length, and feel. It looks good dressed up with a suit or dressed down with a hoodie.

Suitsupply Camel Double-Breasted Coat


Suitsupply has a sneaky assortment of coats that, as you might imagine, look great with suits. Single-breasted is good; double-breasted can be even better. It’s a little fancier—in a good way.

Acne Studios Chad Classic Coat


Yes, $1K is a lot to spend on a coat. But coats are worth it! You actually need their functionality, and the good ones last a long time. Like this one. Acne’s camel coat is a little longer in length, but not so structured in fit. It’s the perfect balance.

Salle Privée Ives Double-Breasted Overcoat


It only takes a few pieces to make your entire wardrobe feel leveled up, and this is one of our preferred methods of doing so. In the cold, your coat becomes really part of your outfit. This one ensures that it always looks good.


Noon Goons Countryline Corduroy Jacket


Corduroy jackets are one of the happiest investments for fall. It’s a heavier fabric, which keeps you warm, and the camel color just looks damn cool. Wear this over T-shirts and turtlenecks.

A.P.C. Cotton-Twill Mackintosh Coat


When it comes to timeless, reliable outerwear, the topcoat is up there. But so is the macintosh. It’s meant more for handling rain and wind, and this one does so without looking like a rain jacket.


Saint Laurent Single-Breasted Coat


And for the ultimate investment piece, a Saint Laurent camel coat. The mid-thigh length, single breasted cut, and perfected tailoring are details that make it look as high-quality as it feels. Buy this now, wear it for life, and then hand it down.