June 5, 2020

Best Camel Clothing in 2020?

By Arjun Kapoor

Camel wool is something derived from hairs of Bactrian camels, and it is one of the most expensive wool types you can find at market places. It was most popular in the 17th century, but once again, this product is catching consumers’ eyes, so everyone wants to know more about it. If you too are looking for best Camel wool clothing products, then you have come at right place.

When we talk about fashion trends or what’s new in fashion, we see new directions every year. Maybe it’s a denim outfit or a bomber jacket. Trends always come and go, but some things never go out of fashion, from plain white shirts to simple blue jeans, or maybe a three-piece suit; these things always remain in style. You can wear it any day, at any time, and add up to your personality.

All Camel products fall under this category, as a dull camel wool coat with denim can put five stars to your personality. I have seen women wearing it with sarees and still rocking the stage. A camel coat just one of those things which never goes out of fashion and will add a different variety to your wardrobe.

Camel wool is one of the smoothest material you can find and gives you a feeling of lightness when you wear it. And the caramel color always plays like a cherry on the top; it goes with any color without making you look weird.

Therefore, it’s a product that can worth your money for sure as it’s fulfilling all aspects from perfect fit to providing comfort zone, best colors with unique designs that you can pair with anything without having any second thoughts.

It’s one of the most comfortable items known, but it is the most environmentally sustainable type of animal fiber. Mongolia is the biggest producer of Camel wool since the very beginning. Its trend can be seen in polo games as well; camel hair jackets became irresistibly fashionable among players over time, and its direction is still increasing at a commendable pace.

5 of the best designs you can try:

Camel wool is one of the best quality and most expensive woolen category. Hairs of Camel are longer than that of a sheep, which makes it’s a product more durable and gives it’s finishing a perfect touch.

Camel wool products available in the market:

1. Camel Wool sweaters – These are the best choice if you are looking for a product that can warm you without putting weight on your shoulders, as Camel wool sweaters are light in weight and made out of Camel hairs, which makes them one of the warmest product available in markets.

2. Camel wool beanies – Camel wool beanies are something you can slay as mostly beanies available at market give an inappropriate look. It is not this one as its unique designs at market places can perfectly fit your choice. Also, by adding the heating factor, these can be the best beanies you own.

3. Camel wool socks & gloves- In winters, if you want to give desert vibes to your feet and hands, then, without having a second thought go for the products and be ready to have summer times feel in the winter season.

4. Camel wool scarves – These scarves can go with any personality and outfits so that this product can be put up with multiple outfits.

5. Camel wool Coats – This is one of the most trendy items made out of camel wool. It adds up something in everything you wear. If you want to talk about why you should buy it, then there is a never-ending list.

Most important factors in this product are:

  • Comfort zone (to give you a settled look)
  • Perfectly insulating (which always helps to feel the warmth inside)
  • Perfect fits (it’s tough to find but not when it comes to camel coats)
  • Unique designs (with a unique variety in these products, can make your heart flutter)

These were a few products which we think can be a perfect fit for your winter wardrobe. Its price might give you a mini-heart attack, but to be honest, it’s quality, insulating properties, and durability completely worth that price.