June 25, 2020

The Best Battery Organizer Of 2020

By Arjun Kapoor


Jevel is a small production company dealing with plastic products. The plastic used is beautiful and durable. It is Lightweight and feels compact and portable. You can carry it around, keep it anywhere, or hang it on the wall. You can save this battery storage organizer in a kitchen drawer, office desk, and garage. THIS Battery case can Be hung up on the wall at your workspace or toolbox to make it easier.

The design section is designed well as the company has used soft polymer plastic on the inside and Hard glossy plastic on the outside.

The product has 93 empty spaces for your battery, including 45 AA, 25 AAA, 49volts, 8C, 6D, AND 5 flat batteries.

It also has an inbuilt tester to it, Which can tell which battery is working or which isn’t.

The product comes in three different colors, including white, silver, and dark grey. The cover is hard plastic, which is durable and won’t break easily. The inbuilt tester doesn’t require any batteries to work. It is rated very nicely on shopping sites and can be bought through many online and offline shopping portals.


The all-new buckle, a plastic battery tester organizer is one of its kind as it can store up to 72 batteries in a tiny area; thus, it is very compact. It is built very nicely and feels handy due to its small size. It has an inbuilt battery tester which will test which battery is working and which is not. The battery tester is attached to the organizer itself and can be removed and then used to test the battery and then be fitted again.

The product is very lightweight in the build quality and seems nice. The battery tester included is very easy to use.

On the price range, it is priced relatively low as compare to others in the same category.

CHESTA battery organizer

Chesta is a brand dealing with plastic and semi-electronic devices for a while now. They are new to the online market, so it is not rated that well, but the product seems nice.

The design of the battery organizer is pretty similar to the one which is already on the list. Materials used for the inner part are a plastic polymer that seems durable, and on the outside, it is standard transparent plastic, which isn’t that strong and good break easily.

The battery tester works fine and does not need any battery for it to work. It can store up to 93 cells, including 45 AA, 25 AAA, 49volts, 8C, 6D, AND 5 flat batteries.

On the pricing range, it is priced relatively low as compare to others, but the material quality is not that great.


Eassycart is a big name on the online market as they deal with everything related to electronics, home, and kitchen, sports, and fitness, or even the automobile industry.

Eassycart AA battery organizer is the costliest among this list.

On the build quality, it is built fabric, which seems nice, and, on the inside, it has foam storage units, which makes it premium and lightweight.


Wish is one of the biggest international online shopping portals and deals with every household at a meager price. They are rated very nicely by the customers.

Wish battery Is on the higher end of the budget as it is going to costliest one on the list. The designing and it is created very compact and feels sturdy.

In the material section, they have used durable polymer plastic, which seems nice. It only comes with Variant, which is black, and it does not include a cover.

Wish battery organizes it comes with detachable inbuilt battery tester which can test your batteries without using any power source. The quality of the inspector seems friendly and handy.